Author’s Interview- Naomi Kelly

It’s a pleasure to introduce you guys to Naomi Kelly. We talked on instagram a few months back when I wrote a review for her book “TRIAL BY OBSIDIAN”. Thankfully, we are still in touch and when I shared the idea of interviewing her, She immediately agreed. I am honored that I am taking this interview.

Let’s first talk about Naomi Kelly

Naomi is a Fantasy, fictional author. She is 24-year-old, self-published author. She lives in Dublin, Ireland and have a wonderful network of Irish writer and reader friends who she would be lost without! She self-published her debut novel last year, Trial by Obsidian, and at the start of this month she released her second, Meraki; A Syren Story.

Reading and writing is a huge part of her life, and she really love being able to share her stories with her readers. Naomi already have some plans in the pipeline for future works and She can’t wait to connect with even more readers.

First of all, It’s quite Awe-Inspiring that you become such a successful, self published author in such a young age. So, What inspire you to be an Author? When did you thought I want to be an Author? (a Particular incidence or a person that inspires you)

Thank you, that’s so sweet of you to say! 

As cliché as it sounds, I just loved reading so much I wanted to try it myself. I never set out to become an author really, I just wanted to share this idea I had for a story and it grew into something so much bigger than I ever imagined. Having spent years reading tons of different fantasy and paranormal romance novels, I started learning about which tropes and types of characters were my favourite. I really wanted to read stories that merges all my favourites, and when I couldn’t find one, I decided to write it! A couple years later, and I have two novels released and I’m working on more (it’s definitely addictive!) 

You must be writing from a very long time. When did you thought that yes, this is right time to be an Published author? Or if anybody pushes you that you should publish your book? 

I used to write a lot of short stories, fanfics and short screen-plays, so when I had an idea for a full story I knew it was going to be different. The plot for “Trial by Obsidian”, raced around my head for a few weeks before I decided to start writing it down- it just grew from there. Once I had the story finished I began looking into different publishing route and options. Self-publishing felt like the right move for me, and once I decided that’s what I wanted to do, there was no holding me back!

What was the reaction of your family and friends when they first read/see your published book?

I didn’t really tell many of my friends and family I was writing a book until it was in the later stages, with some of them not knowing until I had arranged my first book signing. Worrying about failure if a natural part of the writing process, and I was worried if I told tons of people and my book never worked out that it would be a disaster. Thankfully everything worked out, and it was surreal when they came to my first ever book signing and wanted autographs- That was a really sweet feeling. 

There’s always comes a time in Author’s life when they also need the motivation. What motivates you to continue writing your books?  

My motivation comes from wanting to be able to read my own story, that’s my most basic motivation. I want to have all my stories side-by-side on my shelf so I can revisit them when I’m older. And on the days where that goal isn’t enough, I have a whole pile of messages and photos from readers who enjoyed exploring my world and that’s really encouraging. Honestly seeing your work on someone’s bedside locker is an amazing feeling. 

You have must across those readers who didn’t like your book and they are always ready to criticize. So, How do you handle that criticism? 

I’m naturally quite a sensitive person, so at the beginning I found any criticism hard to handle. No one likes reading criticism but sometimes it can be a learning experience. If you see the same sort of critique a lot then maybe its something you could strive to improve in future work. But if you don’t learn anything from it, or if the comment is just plain hurtful then I simply ignore it. There will always be people who are negative for the sake of it, but I’d rather focus my energy on creating new things. 

Do you see books as the medium of entertainment or a medium of Important message?

I think all books should have a message at their core, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be entertaining along the way! “Meraki: A Syren Story” has a strong message of finding your own inner strength and becoming who you want to be, not who you are told you should be….but it features a ton of mythology creatures and a handsome King, so who says you can’t have both!

How is your life outside books? Any daily routine besides writing?

I normally work in retail but with Ireland in lockdown, finding a new job has been difficult. Thankfully, it means tons of writing and editing time for new projects! When I’m not writing, reading or researching, I fill my days with long walks, drawing and cooking.

You must have done research work for your books. Any interesting/fascinating facts that you learn and would like to share?

I carried out a ton of research whilst writing Meraki; A Syren Story because it’s heavily rooted in Greek mythology. I studied a lot of different gods, goddess, and creatures including the hippocampus which feature in my story. A few readers have told me that they had never heard of a hippocampus prior to reading, so knowing that my book is teaching people about old lore is really encouraging.

What is the most fascinating/ Awkward/ Interesting thing (that you could remember) that a reader has said to you and you won’t be able to forget it lifetime? 

I remember getting a phone call from a reporter who wanted to do a write up on upcoming authors. It was the first time I had been referred to as an author and it felt so weird and wonderful all at once. I definitely won’t forget that. 

What are your Future plans? Any new projects?

I’m currently working on a new project which will be a paranormal romance. It’s really fun to branch into different genres and experiment writing in different time eras. This will be the first story I have told where the characters will have phones instead of swords, and cars instead of carriages so it will be exciting to incorporate modern elements. 

I’m also hoping to add to the “Trial by Obsidian” world with a sequel!

Any tips for the newbie Authors?

Write what you want without holding back. 

Don’t worry about who is going to read it as you’re writing because that will cause you to alter your writing. (Try not to downplay any gruesome murders or steamy love making scenes just because you’re afraid of what your mother might say.)

Let’s end our serious discussion and come to the FUN PART!!!


RULES – You will only take 30 seconds to answer each question.

  1. Your Top three favourite genre that you love to read or write?

Fantasy, Dystopian and Romance.

  1. Your Hobby? (other than reading and writing of course!)

I love drawing and graphic design, and gardening. 

  1. Your favourite Author and book/books?

Amanda Bouchet and her Kingmaker Trilogy would probably be my favourite.

  1. When did you write your first draft?

Last year.

  1. Your favourite food?

Toast (or any bread really!)

  1. Arrange the following according to your liking/preference- Tea, Coffee, Wine, OTHER_____

Tea, Wine, I strongly hate coffee!

  1. Favourite Series and the one character you love from that series?

I love Yelena from the Ixia Chronicles. 

  1. If a chance is given to you to be or live like one character from your books who would that be and why?

I would love to live like Wren as she has a lot of magic capabilities that I’ll never experience as a mere mortal.

  1. Your favourite Movie that you love to watch again and again?

Twilight, I shamelessly love that movie. 

  1. Do you have any Pet?

I have two cats that are brothers.

  1.  You write books in Silence or with Music?

I outline and plot ideas with music but write and edit in silence.

  1. You are an early Bird or the Night Owl?

Early bird. 

  1. You are Punctual or Procastinator?


  1. How many hours do you write in a day?

I aim for an hour a day, but on a great day five hours+

  1. If a chance is given to you that you can meet your favourite person in this world who would that be? (like any favourite actor/ actress/ author anybody)

I would love to have a conversation with Stephanie Meyer. Her Twilight books got me back into reading as a teenager, and I have so many questions both from an author and a reader standpoint. 

Very Well, Last but not the least, Any Message that you would like to give to your readers?

I take any opportunity I can get to thank my readers. They’re the most supportive and loyal readers, and their support never goes unnoticed. I truly appreciate anyone who takes the time to read my work.

Well, That concludes our interview and we hope you reach a new heights with your books and continue writing such amazing books like Trial by obsedian and Meraki- A syren story.

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